Amewa Photo is the realization of my dream to increase the accessibility and functionality of my images. Images hold memories, imagine futures and offer respite from the present moment. Adding imagery to your space gives you a window into another world.  Photography, the ubiquitous and highly reproducible medium of this era, is the key element of Amewa Photo.

Framed and mounted on your wall, the Traditional Archival Print can become a point of interest, imagination and conversation within your space.The fine art, archival prints currently available at Amewa Photo are primarily landscapes from around the world.

The Poster, a collector's item, is a combination of photography and design. It provides the dramatic impact of an enlargement at a fraction of the cost. The first series of posters available at Amewa Photo - the evolution series - is a triptych of images that explores the cyclic transition from potential to permanence.

The featured Notecard Collection is "Italy." Instead of the typical depictions of well-known tourist attractions, I gave prominence to an easily overlooked detail -  the tiny and inconspicuous doorknobs that are in fact detailed, miniature sculptures. They are historic depictions of the early African presence in Europe, on 5"x7" notecards. This fine stationary can be used to add unique interest and beauty to your correspondence.


AMEWA: What does Amewa Mean? The word Amewa is an ancient Yoruba word for someone who would be likened to a contemporary art connoisseur. Simply translated, it is "The Knower of Beauty."